Leading Nanotechnology Research in Turkey

Bilkent University Nanotechnology Research Center (NANOTAM) is dedicated to research on applied nanoscience and nanotechnology with strong emphasis on education and training. NANOTAM is an inter-disciplinary research environment which houses the nanotechnology related research efforts, and cooperates external companies as well as government to solve nanotechnology and material based high-tech problems.

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Application and Prototyping

We host more than 60 talented engineers in new NANOTAM building with 4000 m2 footprint.


Our research building hosts graduate students and post-docs who play vital role in solving high-tech problems via cutting-edge research.

Core Principles

Nanotechnology is poised to make enormous advancements. At NANOTAM, our intent is to create knowledge
and create impactful solutions as we explore landscape of nanotechnology.

  • Expertise

    Researchers from NANOTAM, have pioneered the field of metamaterials, photonics crystals and applications of GaN/AlGaN devices.

  • Faculty

    NANOTAM is led by Prof. Ekmel Ozbay and hosts various faculty members from Physics Department and EEE Department of Bilkent University.

  • High impact publications

    Since its foundation in 2003, NANOTAM has published more than 350+ articles in SCI journals.

  • Project based innovation

    We work with state and industry to challenge important problems to produce practical solutions with big national impact.


Our mission requires extraordinary people.If you want to be part of charting a new territory, consider joining our team.